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The Sacredness of the Person: A New Genealogy of Human Rights

  title={The Sacredness of the Person: A New Genealogy of Human Rights},
  author={H. Joas},
Preface Introduction 1. The Charisma of Reason: The Genesis of Human Rights 2. Punishment and Respect: The Sacralization of the Person and the Forces Threatening It 3. Violence and Human Dignity: How Experiences Become Rights 4. Neither Kant nor Nietzsche: What Is Affirmative Genealogy? 5. Soul and Gift: The Human Being as Image and Child of God 6. Value Generalization: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Plurality of Cultures BibliographyIndex 


The genesis of values
Introduction to the special issue on ‘Social Theory and Natural Law’
The political writings
Book review discussion of “The Natural Law Foundations of Modern Social Theory”
Stoic-Christian Natural Law and Modern Profane Natural Law’, in Adair-Toteff, C. Sociological beginnings. The First Conference of the German Society for Sociology, Liverpool
  • 2005
War in Modernity
  • 2003
Political Writings
  • 1999
Natural Law and Revolution’, in Theory and Practice
  • 1973