The Sacred Complex of Munda Tribe

  title={The Sacred Complex of Munda Tribe},
  author={Malini Srivastava},
  journal={The Anthropologist},
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Abstract The Munda, one of the scheduled tribes of the Jharkhand, occupy third position in the numerically strongest Kolarian tribes, are the inhabitants of Chotanagpur region in Jharkhand. Racially, they are proto-australoid and speak Mundari dialect of Austro-Asiatic family. The present study was undertaken in Chotanagpur plateau in Jharkhand to study the religion of the Mundas within the framework and concept of ‘Sacred Complex’. Four Munda villages, namely, Daugada, Buruma, Sarwada and… 

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Abstract Like every tribe Mundas also celebrated a large number of festivals, but for the first time, a festival named Rogharawas noticed by the researcher among Mundas during her fieldwork among

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Indigenous Foods to Address Malnutrition: An Inquiry into the Diets and Nutritional Status of Women in the Indigenous Community of Munda Tribes of Jharkhand, India

Contextual food-based interventions promoting Indigenous foods and increasing dietary diversity have the potential to address malnutrition in Munda women.

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Role of religious beliefs of tribal communities from Jharkhand (India) in biodiversity conservation

Jharkhand is one of the most biodiversity-enriched regions in India because of its origin and diverse physiographic and climatic conditions. It comprises 29.61% forest area which exceeds the national



The Maler: A Study in Nature-Man-Spirit Complex of a Hill Tribe . By L. P. Vidyarthi. Calcutta: Bookland Private Limited, 1963. xiii, 261. 24 plates. Rupees 20.

the fragmentation of land and chattel at the father's death. Similarly, the author rapidly disposes of the popular notion that Sherpas just manage to eke out a living on submarginal land. Instead

The sacred complex in Hindu Gaya

Munda & Their Country, Asia Publications House, London (1912)

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