The SYNCROMAX Solution for Air Traffic Flow Management in Brazil

  title={The SYNCROMAX Solution for Air Traffic Flow Management in Brazil},
  author={Antonio Pedro Timoszczuk and Walter Nogueira Pizzo and Giacomo Feres Staniscia and Eno Siewerdt},
At recent years, air traffic demand increased at double-digit figures at several Brazilian airports and as a consequence increased controller workload was observed at many Sectors of the Air Traffic Control Facilities, with clear indications that demand consistently surpassed the available capacity of airports and air traffic control units. Although determination of air traffic control capacity values is still a very subjective and controversial issue, with no proven and universally accepted… 
Reinforcement learning agents to tactical air traffic flow management
A comparative study of ATFM measures generated by a computational agent based on artificial intelligence (reinforcement learning) to avoid congestion or saturation in the air traffic control sectors due to a possible imbalance between demand and capacity.
A Hybrid Approach for Detecting and Resolving Conflicts in Air Traffic Routes
The results show that the proposed approach is able to detect and remove longitudinal conflicts in advance, providing a potential tool to support decision-making, improve safety and optimize the use of airspace.
Research of Quickly Delivery of Multimedia Content
A technique to better solve the user's needs of bandwidth in multimedia communication is proposed, which is to distinguish the characteristics of the application of the content delivery network technology in the LAN, MAN and WAN when applying content network technology to transmit the data to the nearest servers of users.
Modelagem de apoio à decisão para o problema de espera no ar utilizando sistemas multiagentes e aprendizagem por reforço
Dissertacao (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasilia, Instituto de Ciencias Exatas Departamento de Ciencia da Computacao, 2012.
Matching estável para tomada de decisão colaborativa na alocação de slots
A new solution for the slot allocation problem addressed in the Compression algorithm, called DASLOT, which allows the correct treatment of the preferences of all players in the market through a stable allocation and desirable characteristics inherited from the DA mechanism, may lead stakeholders to get overall performances in the system.
Designing for Human Factors in the Technology-Intensive Domain of Fighter Aircraft
The specifics of the domain of fighter aircraft development are described with examples of what is special and design concepts to handle it, and useful human factors’ considerations are highlighted.
Agent Evaluation Function Considering Airspace Dynamic Density
  • A. M. F. CrespoL. Weigang
  • Computer Science
    2010 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology
  • 2010
The comparative results of the application of the scenario evaluation function for each criteria: aircraft counting and Dynamic Density are promising and it is possible to verify that the scenarios with the same number of aircraft presented a state value with significant variations between these two functions.