The STAR Silicon Strip Detector ( SSD )

  title={The STAR Silicon Strip Detector ( SSD )},
  author={Lyndon Arnold and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Baudot and Dimitri Bonnet and A. Boucham and S. Bouvier and James Castillo and James Coffin and C. Drancourt and B. Erazmus and L. Gaudichet and Marianne Germain and C. Gojak and J. Grabski and G. Guilloux and M. Gu{\'e}don and B. Hippolyte and M. A. Janik and Anna Kisiel and Christian Kuhn and L. Lakehal-Ayat and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Lef{\`e}vre and Cyril Le Moal and Piotr Leszczynski and J. R. Lutz and Aleksander Maliszewski and Lilian Martin and T. Milletto and Thorsten Pawlak and W. Peryt and Janusz Pluta and Sylwester Radomski and Christian Renard and Gu{\'e}na{\"e}l Renault and L. M. Rigalleau and C. Roy and Colby Suire and P. Szarwas and A. Tarchini},
The STAR Silicon Strip Detector (SSD) completes the three la y rs of the Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) to make an inner tracking system located insid e the Time Projection Chamber (TPC). This additional fourth layer provides two dimens io al hit position and energy loss measurements for charged particles, improving the ext rapolation of TPC tracks through SVT hits. To match the high multiplicity of central Au+Au col lisions at RHIC the double sided silicon strip technology was chosen which makes… CONTINUE READING