The STAR Collaboration

  title={The STAR Collaboration},
  author={Betty I. Abelev and Mrs. Mansi Aggarwal and Massimiliano Marchisone and A. V. Alakhverdyants and Brian D. O. Anderson and D. A. Arkhipkin and G. S. Averichev and Jonathan B. Balewski and Olga Barannikova and Lee Barnby and J. Baudot and Sonja Baumgart and M. N. Namboodiri and Francesca Bellini and Federica Benedosso and Mar{\'i}a Julia Ferrer Betancourt and Russell Richard Betts and Anju Bhasin and Ashok Kumar Bhati and H. C. Bichsel and Jaroslav Bielcik and Bertrand Helmut Josef Biritz and Leslie Carlisle Bland and I. Bnzarov and B. Stringfellow and Billy E. Bonner and Jonathan Bouchet and E. and Braidot and A. V. Brandin and Luis Alberto Perez Moreno and Sebastian B{\"u}ltmann and Tracey P. Burton and Xiongxiang Cai and Camilo Ernesto Lara Martinez and R. Stock and J. S. Wang and Daniel Alan Cebra and M. R. Dutta Mazumdar and Zbigniew Chajȩcki and Subhasis Chattopadhyay and Joyce H. Chen and Jianping Cheng and Marianne Cherney and Alexei Chikanian and Kyung Eub Choi and William Harvey Christie and Ross Cameron Corliss and Thomas Michael Cormier and Mauro Rogerio Cosentino and John Gleason Cramer and Henry J. Crawford and Debasish Das and A. Szanto de Toledo and Michael Scott Daugherity and L. C. De Silva and Tatiana Grigoryevna Dedovich and M. Dephillips and A. A. Derevschikov and Soren Pontoppidan Sorensen and Larisa Didenko and Sunil Manohar Dogra and Xin Long Dong and J. Everett Draper and James Colville Dunlop and Yu.A. Matulenko and L. G. Efimov and Essam Othman Elhalhuli and Muhammad Elnimr and M. R. Dutta Majumdar and S. Timoshenko and Barbara Ewa Erazmus and Magali Danielle Estienne and Lucy Youngmin Eun and Patr{\'i}cia Fachini and Renee Hutchins Fatemi and J{\'a}n Fedori{\vs}in and Peter Filip and Valeri Fine and Yu. V. Fisyak and Laetitia Gaillard and Dhevan Raja Gangadharan and Murthy Ganti and Jens Robert Luhder and Artemios Geromitsos and Frank J. M. Geurts and Vahe Ghazikhanian and Pradip N. Ghosh and Yu. N. Gorbunov and Alison Gordon and O. G. Grebenyuk and David P. Grosnick and Matthias Grosse Perdekamp and Steven Michael Guertin and H. Caines and Anish Kumar Gupta and Neeraj Kumar Gupta and Włodek Guryn and Brooke A. Haag and Timothy J. Hallman and John William Harris and Webster He and N. K. Pruthi and Steve F. Heppelmann and G. Aglieri Rinella and Eric Lance Hjort and Aaron Michael Hoffman and Geoffrey W. Hoffmann and David Jonathan Hofman and Richard S. Hollis and J. L. Drachenberg and Thomas John Humanic and George J. Igo and Aneta Iordanova and Manoj Bhanudas Jadhav and Walter William Jacobs and M. J. Betancourt and Fanghong Jin and Christopher W. Jones and Glenn Jones and Jonathan M. Joseph and Eleanor G. Judd and Sonia Kabana and Kousuke Kajimoto and Kyunghun Kang and Kolja Kauder and Devon Keane and Armen Kechechyan and David Kettler and V. Yu. Khodyrev and Daniel Kikola and Joanna Kiryluk and Adam Kisiel and S. Klein and Anders Garritt Knospe and Adam Kocoloski and Donald Koetke and Joshua Robert Konzer and Mikhail L. Kopytine and Ivan Koralt and Wolfgang Korsch and L. M. Kotchenda and V. I. Kravtsov and Viktor I. Kravtsov and Kay Kr{\"u}ger and Miroslav Krůs and Christian Kuhn and Lokendra Kumar and Priscilla Priska Kurnadi and M Christy Lamont and Jeanne M. Landgraf and Simon Lapointe and Jerome Lauret and Anton Lebedev and Iu. Karpenko and C-H. Lee and Jeong Hwan Lee and Benjamin William Allen and Micheal Joseph Levine and Yong Li and S. Bhardwaj and Seymour Joseph Lindenbaum and Michael Annan Lisa and Hong Liu and Jianbei Liu and Tomislav A. Ljubicic and Maxim Konyushikhin and Ron S. Longacre and Wm. Abram Love and Thomas Ludlam and P. Seyboth and Y. G.(马余刚) Ma and Durga Prasad Mahapatra and Richard Daniel Majka and H. Zbroszczyk and Lalit Kumar Mangotra and Robert W. Manweiler and Spiros Margetis and Christina Markert and Hiroshi Masui and Howard S. Matis and Yu. A. Matulenko and D. Mcdonald and J. Ulery and A. P. Meschanin and Richard G. Milner and Nikolai Minaev and Gustavo Conesa Balbastre and Bedangadas Mohanty and Dr.-Ing. Andrey Morozov and Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz and Basanta Kumar Nandi and Kristin Fanebust Hetland and Tapan Kumar Nayak and John Marshall Nelson and Pawan Kumar Netrakanti and Mor Jack Ng and A. M. Vander Molen and Sandibek B. Nurushev and G. Odyniec and Takayuki Nozaki and Hiroyuki Okada and Vitalii A. Okorokov and David Lloyd Olson and I. Otterlund and Brian S. Page and X. P. Zhang and Yadav Pandit and Yu. A. Panebratsev and Tomasz Jan Pawlak and Z. Conesa del Valle and Victor Perevoztchikov and C. Perkins and R. Manweiler and Shashikant C. Phatak and Andrei Poblaguev and Mirko Planinic and Mateusz Płoskoń and Charles E. Hughes and S. Trentalange and Nikola Poljak and Arthur M. Poskanzer and Bvks Potukuchi and David F. Prindle and Claude Andre Pruneau and S. M. Guertin and Prabhat R. Pujahari and Jorn Henning Putschke and Rashmi Raniwala and Sudhir Raniwala and Robert L. Ray and Rhonda Redwine and Randy Ryan Reed and Alexey Valentinovich Ridiger and Hans Georg Ritter and J. Brent Roberts and O. V. Rogachevskiy and Juan Luis Romero Romero and N. Bartosik and Chanchala Roy and Lianghong Ruan and Marije Russcher and Raghunath Sahoo and Shingo Sakai and Iwona Sakrejda and Tetsuya Sakuma and I. Sakrejda and Jack Sandweiss and Johann Joachim Schambach and Rolf Paul Scharenberg and J. C. Seger and Ilya Selyuzhenkov and Ionut Cristian Arsene and E. I. Shahaliev and Monika Sharma and X-H. Shi and Ernst P. Sichtermann and Rama Narayana Singaraju and Michael Skoby and Nikolai Smirnov and Paul Richard Sorensen and Jarosław Sowiński and R. Squartini and Bhaskar Srivastava and T. D. S. Stanislaus and David Douglas Staszak and Mikhail Nikolaievich Strikhanov and Bruce Stringfellow and Alexandre Alarcon Suaide and Mar{\'i}a Cristina Arvelo Suarez and Naresh L. Subba and Zhi-Yu Sun and T. J. M. Symons and Jun-ichi Takahashi and Adalard Lik Hang Tang and Laurence Henry Tarini and Terence John Tarnowsky and T. Tarnowsky and Jeffrey H. Thomas and Jungang Tian and Anthony Robert Timmins and Svetlana P. Timoshenko and Mikhail Tokarev and Thomas A. Trainor and Vo Ngoc Quynh Tram and Stephan Trentalange and S. K. Tripathy and Jason Glyndwr Ulery and Tino Ullrich and David Glenn Underwood and Gene Edward van Buren and Gerrit Jan van Nieuwenhuizen and Joseph A Vanfossen and Sarah Louise La Pointe and G. M. S. Vasconcelos and Aleksander N. Vasiliev and Flemming Videbaek and Steven Elliot Vigdor and Yogendra Pathak Viyogi and Yogendra Viyogi and Sergei A. Voloshin and Masahiro Wada and Miles Walker and Fan Wang and Gang Wang and Hong Wang and Jing Song Wang and Qi Wang and Xiaoming Wang and Alberto S{\'a}nchez Hern{\'a}ndez and Grant D Webb and Jane C. Webb and Gary Duane Westfall and Charles A. Whitten and Henry M. Wieman and Scott Winston Wissink and Ron Witt and Wei Xie and M. J. Tannenbaum and Qinghu Xu and Zhenli Xu and Yi Chyang Yang and P Dora Luz Yepes and Kun-wah. Yip and I. K. Yoo and Qin Yue and Marcin Zawisza and Hanna Paulina Zbroszczyk and Wenlong Zhan and S(张松) Zhang and William Axel Leight and Xiaoming Zhang and Yi Zhang and Ziping Zhang and Jinjian Zhou and Xiaoshuai Zhu and R. Ya. Zoulkarneev and Y. Zoulkarneeva and C. A. Gagliardi},

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