The SDSS-V local volume mapper telescope system

  title={The SDSS-V local volume mapper telescope system},
  author={Tom M. Herbst and Pavaman Bilgi and Peter Bizenberger and Guillermo A. Blanc and Florian Briegel and Scott Case and Niv Drory and Tobias Feger and Cynthia S. Froning and Wolfgang Gaessler and Anthony Hebert and Nicholas P. Konidaris and Alicia Lanz and Lars Mohr and Soojong Pak and Solange V. Ram{\'i}rez and Ralf Rainer Rohloff and Jos{\'e} Ram{\'o}n S{\'a}nchez-Gallego and Stefanie Wachter},
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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey V (SDSS-V) is an all-sky spectroscopic survey of <6 million objects, designed to decode the history of the Milky Way, reveal the inner workings of stars, investigate the origin of solar systems, and track the growth of supermassive black holes across the Universe. The Local Volume Mapper (LVM) is one of three surveys that form SDSS-V. LVM will employ a coordinated system of four telescopes feeding three fiber spectrographs at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. The… Expand
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