The SAPP pipeline for the determination of stellar abundances and atmospheric parameters of stars in the core program of the PLATO mission

  title={The SAPP pipeline for the determination of stellar abundances and atmospheric parameters of stars in the core program of the PLATO mission},
  author={Matthew Raymond Gent and Maria Bergemann and Aldo Serenelli and Luca Casagrande and Jeffrey M. Gerber and Ulrike Heiter and Mikhail Kovalev and Thierry Morel and Nicolas Nardetto and Vardan Adibekyan and V{\'i}ctor Silva Aguirre and Martin Asplund and K. Belkacem and Carlos del Burgo and Lionel Bigot and Andrea Chiavassa and Luisa Fernanda Rodr'iguez D'iaz and Marie Jo Goupil and Jonay I. Gonz'alez Hern'andez and Denis Mourard and Thibault Merle and Szabolcs M'esz'aros and Douglas J. Marshall and R-M. Ouazzani and Bertrand Plez and Daniel R. Reese and Regner Trampedach and Maria Tsantaki},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
We introduce the SAPP (Stellar Abundances and atmospheric Parameters Pipeline), the prototype of the code that will be used to determine parameters of stars observed within the core program of the PLATO space mission. The pipeline is based on the Bayesian inference and provides effective temperature, surface gravity, metallicity, chemical abundances, and luminosity. The code in its more general version has a much wider range of potential applications. It can also provide masses, ages, and radii… 

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