The SAC1 domain in synaptojanin is required for autophagosome maturation at presynaptic terminals.

  title={The SAC1 domain in synaptojanin is required for autophagosome maturation at presynaptic terminals.},
  author={Roeland Vanhauwaert and Sabine Kuenen and Roy G Masius and Adekunle T D Bademosi and Julia Manetsberger and Nils Schoovaerts and Laura Bounti and Serguei Gontcharenko and Jef Swerts and Sven Vilain and Marina Picillo and Paolo Barone and Shashini T. Munshi and Femke M S de Vrij and Steven A Kushner and Natalia V. Gounko and Wim J. Mandemakers and Vincenzo Bonifati and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric A Meunier and Sandra-Fausia Soukup and Patrik Verstreken},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={36 10},
Presynaptic terminals are metabolically active and accrue damage through continuous vesicle cycling. How synapses locally regulate protein homeostasis is poorly understood. We show that the presynaptic lipid phosphatase synaptojanin is required for macroautophagy, and this role is inhibited by the Parkinson's disease mutation R258Q. Synaptojanin drives synaptic endocytosis by dephosphorylating PI(4,5)P2, but this function appears normal in SynaptojaninRQ knock-in flies. Instead, R258Q affects… CONTINUE READING


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