The S3 flavour symmetry: Neutrino masses and mixings

  title={The S3 flavour symmetry: Neutrino masses and mixings},
  author={Francisco Gonz{\'a}lez de Canales and Alfonso Mondrag{\'o}n and Myriam Mondrag{\'o}n},
In this work, we discuss the neutrino masses and mixings as the realization of an S3 flavour permutational symmetry in two models, namely the Standard Model and an extension of the Standard Model with three Higgs doublets. In the S3 Standard Model, mass matrices of the same generic form are obtained for the neutrino and charged leptons when the S3 flavour symmetry is broken sequentially according to the chain S3L ⊗ S3R ⊃ S3diag ⊃ S2. In the minimal S3-symmetric extension of the Standard Model… CONTINUE READING

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