The Sāi Bābā Movement: Approaches to the Study of Indian Saints

  title={The Sāi Bābā Movement: Approaches to the Study of Indian Saints},
  author={Charles S. J. White},
  journal={The Journal of Asian Studies},
  pages={863 - 878}
Modern religious movements together with their saintly leaders in Hinduism constitute an area where-from little scholarly research appears, yet, in print. This study of the Sāi Bābā Movement attempts to show on the one hand that, regarding the saints in question (Sāi Bābā, Upasani Baba, Mata Godavari, and Sathya Sāi Bābā), one can trace their origins to ancient forms of religious life in India and on the odier that they display the effects of influences stemming from Muslim and later Hindu… 

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This paper is an excursion in the anthropology of credibility. Regarded as a living deity by his many followers, Sathya Sai Baba is one of the most important of lndia's modern religious figures.

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Photos of Satya Sai Baba, with his flowing saffron robes and prodigious curly locks, adorn the worship rooms, public businesses, and vehicles of millions of Indians. Out of some of these photos,



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