The Royalist Regime in the Viceroyalty of Peru, 1820–1824

  title={The Royalist Regime in the Viceroyalty of Peru, 1820–1824},
  author={John Fisher},
  journal={Journal of Latin American Studies},
  pages={55 - 84}
  • J. Fisher
  • Published 1 February 2000
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Latin American Studies
This article provides an analysis of royalist strategy in the viceroyalty of Peru during the four years between the arrival of José de San Martín's invasion force in September 1820 and the battle of Ayacucho of December 1824. It pays particular attention to royalist policy from July 1821, when viceroy José de la Serna evacuated Lima, the viceregal capital, leaving the city open to San Martín, who declared independence there on 28 July. Its focus differs, therefore, from that of most previous… 
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A succinct account of the battle is provided by Armando Nieto Ve! lez
  • S. J., JunıT n and Ayacucho
Decrees of Bolı! var of July  abolishing personal service, the mita, cacicazgos and communal ownership of land are in ADC
Details of these (and other) measures are in ADC, Tesorerı! a Fiscal
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The details of the swearing of allegiance by the city council and other corporations are in Gamarra to Jose! de Ca! ceres
, (referring to confiscation of plata ping a which a German, Daniel Selnutt, was about to ' embarcar clandestinamente'), ADC, Tesorerı! a Fiscal
 contains details of a substantial loan by the cura of Acobamba, Tadeo Valverde, to assist with meeting the ' urgentes necesidades de la Nacio! n' : Domingo Xime! nez to Canterac