The Routledge Handbook of Arabic and Identity

  title={The Routledge Handbook of Arabic and Identity},
  author={Reem Bassiouney and Keith A. Walters},


Revisiting the Arabic Diglossic Situation and Highlighting the Socio-Cultural Factors Shaping Language Use in Light of Auer’s (2005) Model
In the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, diglossia has been an interesting linguistic inquiry since it was first discussed by Ferguson in 1959. Since then, diglossia has been discussed, expanded, and
The syntax of Arabic-French code-switching
Morocco Under Colonial Rule: French Administration of Tribal Areas 1912-1956.
Lyautey and "la politique indigene" the pacification of the tribes the Berber policy the sultan and tribal policy Pachas and Caids the great Caids use of religious leaders in tribal areas officiers
The Ethnic Group School and Mother Tongue Maintenance in the United States
Ethnic group schools in the United States no longer seen to require a strong immigrantethnic base for their pupils, teachers or parents. The sohools have beoome organizationally protected eapressions
Colonialism and Revolution in the Middle East: Social and Cultural Origins of Egypt's Urabi Movement
In this book Juan R. I. Cole challenges traditional elite-centered conceptions of the conflict that led to the British occupation of Egypt in September 1882. For a year before the British intervened,