The Rothschilds, the Exploration Company and Mining Finance

  title={The Rothschilds, the Exploration Company and Mining Finance},
  author={Robert Vicat Turrell and Jean Jacques Van Helten},
  journal={Business History},
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Michael Woolcock (eds) Byly, Rao, Seter, W olcock (ds) HISTORY, HISTORIANS DEVELOPMENT POLICY A necessary dialogue H ST O R Y , H ST O R IA N S & D E V E LO P M E N T P O IC Y What a wonderful book!
Bridges and Bonds: The Role of British Merchant Bank Intermediaries in Latin American Trade and Finance Networks, 1825–1850
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    Enterprise & Society
  • 2020
In the first half of the nineteenth century, transatlantic trade and finance networks were complex webs of transactions often consisting of lengthy chains of connections linking distant firms to
Historical Context
On the Ground Floor: The Corner House Group
In previous chapters, we have analysed the outcome for different regions of Africa. In the present chapter, we zoom in to a much more detailed level to analyse how the macro-oriented financial
African Mining in Global Comparison
As has been shown in previous chapters of this book, investments in Africa were, to a large extent, concentrated to mining. Hence, the overall return on investment was, to a large extent, determined
British IPO directors, 1891–1911
Abstract Company directors in Victorian Britain have a somewhat dubious reputation. There are claims that directors had little business experience with the directorships obtained mainly via social
The Free-Standing Company: a “zombie” theory of international business history?
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to decompose the historical and conceptual basis of the Free-Standing Company (FSC) in international business history. This is used to critique the FSC
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Engineering inter-imperialism: American miners and the transformation of global mining, 1871–1910*
Abstract This article examines the transnational circulation of American mine engineers between the United States, southern Africa, and the Americas in the late nineteenth century. Technology and
The Rise of the Global Company: Multinationals and the Making of the Modern World
This is the first full account of how an influential form of commercial organization - the multinational enterprise - drove globalization and contributed to the making of the modern world. Robert