The Roots of Artillery Doctrine: Napoleonic Artillery Tactics Reconsidered

  title={The Roots of Artillery Doctrine: Napoleonic Artillery Tactics Reconsidered},
  author={Bruce McConachy},
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Counterfire operations against peer competitors Recalibrating sensory requirements ?

Since 2014, Western militaries renewed their focus from peacekeeping to combat operations against advanced opponents. Russian tactics, as demonstrated in the conflict in Ukraine, relied on massed

Osmanlı İmparatorluğunda “Sürat” Topçuluğu II (1773-1807): Taktik, Talim, Muharebe Performansı ve Nizâm-ı Cedid

Top dokum teknolojisinin kokten degismesi 18. yuzyilda muharebe taktiklerini de etkilemistir. Yedi Yil Harpleri, duragan bir mudafaaya ya da kusatma savaslarina gore bicimlenmis topcu taktiklerinin

Historical Contingencies in the Evolution of States and their Militaries

abstract:Historians and some scholars of international relations have long argued that historical contingencies play a critical role in the evolution of the international system, but have not

Pursuit of Precision in the Field Artillery

Abstract : Artillery has gone through two previous evolutions in employment methodology. The first, starting in 1670, saw it evolve from primarily a siege engine, to a precision mobile direct fire

The Metacapability Conceptual Framework: A framework linking C2 Agility Concepts

This paper revisits the Agility conceptual space in an attempt to reconstruct a coherent and consistent approach to address issues of ontology, definition and com pleteness.