The Role of the Black Mammy in the Plantation Household

  title={The Role of the Black Mammy in the Plantation Household},
  author={Jessie W. Parkhurst},
  journal={The Journal of Negro History},
  pages={349 - 369}
The present generation of Americans, both white and Negro, are acquainted with the "Black Mammy". as she has been handed down in tradition. They are acquainted with her as she is represented on the legitimate stage, in the moving pictures, and in fiction. Newspapers and periodicals from time to time print stories about this character, and people living who came under her influence relate their experiences with the "Mammy" to their children, friends, and acquaintances. Negroes and whites in the… 
The Mammies and Uncles of the South: The Subversive Tales of Joel Chandler Harris and Kate Chopin
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    American, British and Canadian Studies
  • 2018
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