The Role of the Barents Sea in the Arctic Climate System

  title={The Role of the Barents Sea in the Arctic Climate System},
  author={Lars H. Smedsrud and Igor Esau and Randi B. Ingvaldsen and T. Eldevik and Peter M. Haugan and Camille Li and Vidar S. Lien and Are Olsen and Abdirahman M. Omar and Odd H. Otter{\aa} and Bj\org Risebrobakken and Anne Britt Sand\o and Vladimir A. Semenov and Svetlana A. Sorokina},
[1] Present global warming is amplified in the Arctic and accompanied by unprecedented sea ice decline. Located along the main pathway of Atlantic Water entering the Arctic, the Barents Sea is the site of coupled feedback processes that are important for creating variability in the entire Arctic air-ice-ocean system. As warm Atlantic Water flows through the Barents Sea, it loses heat to the Arctic atmosphere. Warm periods, like today, are associated with high northward heat transport, reduced… CONTINUE READING