The Role of the 21st-Century School Nurse.

  title={The Role of the 21st-Century School Nurse.},
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  • Published 2017
  • Medicine
  • NASN school nurse
Reopening Schools in the Time of Pandemic: Look to the School Nurses
  • C. McDonald
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • The Journal of school nursing : the official publication of the National Association of School Nurses
  • 2020
Addressing the mental health impact of COVID-19 is going to be a key area for school nurses in the academic year of reopening, and school nurses are THE health experts in schools. Expand
Assessing the Effectiveness of a School-Based Dental Clinic on the Oral Health of Children Who Lack Access to Dental Care
As encounter intensity increased, there was a significant association with the decrease in decay, increase in restorations, and reduction in referral urgency, which resulted in improved oral health in underserved children while overcoming barriers that typically restrict access. Expand
Enhancing family nursing practice in schools: School nurses’ perspectives on illness beliefs and family nursing practice skills when caring for children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or asthma – A cross-sectional study
An increasing number of children attend schools with chronic illnesses/disorders that require managing and comprehensive healthcare from school nurses during the day. Collaboration between schoolExpand
Interprofessional Collaboration in School-Based Settings, Part 2: Team Members and Factors Contributing to Collaborative Success
This article builds on the first article by providing some examples of the collaboration that occurs between the school nurse and other team members, as well as identifying facilitators and barriers to this collaboration. Expand
Pharmacology Update: School Nurse Role and Emergency Medications for Treatment of Anaphylaxis
Though adjunctive medicines, such as antihistamines and inhalers, may also be administered after the injection of epinephrine, they should not be solely relied on in anaphylaxis. Expand
An Appraisal of School Nurse Health Services and Programs in North Carolina Public Schools, 2006–2016
There were statistically significant increases in the rate of occurrence of all health conditions that students received health services for, asthma, type I diabetes, orders for all health-care procedures, and diabetes health counseling over the 10-year study time period. Expand
COVID-19: Planning and Postpandemic Partnerships
The emergence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has highlighted the need for strong partnerships between educators and healthcare professionals to facilitate the reopening of schools. SchoolExpand
Care Coordination: A Principle of 21st Century School Nursing Practice With a Focus on Case Management
This article will clarify how the terms care coordination and case management are used in context of the Framework and provide an example to help the reader apply the concept to practice. Expand
Combatting Teen Vaping in School Settings.
As teen usage has rocketed, so has addiction to nicotine and progression to cigarette smoking, and the health promotion victory to reduce smoking in all age groups has effectively been diminished by the normalization of vaping as a “harmless” and socially acceptable pastime. Expand
Making Your School Nurse Philosophy Visible
This article proposes strategies for how school nurses can make their school nurse’s values and philosophy visible. Expand