The Role of Selling Costs in Signaling Price Image


ment, Yale University (e-mail: The author thanks Duncan Simester for his encouragement and advice during all stages of this research; On Amir, Dan Ariely, David Godes, Jeffrey Hu, Dina Mayzlin, K. Sudhir, Dick Wittink, and Birger Wernerfelt for their helpful comments on previous drafts of this article; the acting editor, Sridhar Moorthy, whose comments helped improve this article substantially; and the two anonymous JMR reviewers for their helpful comments. The author also thanks seminar participants at Cornell University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Purdue University, University of Chicago, University of Toronto, Vanderbilt University, Washington University at St. Louis, and Yale University for their helpful comments. JIWOONG SHIN*

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