The Role of Pea Chloroplast [alpha]-Glucosidase in Transitory Starch Degradation.

  title={The Role of Pea Chloroplast [alpha]-Glucosidase in Transitory Starch Degradation.},
  author={Zhen-jun Sun and Stanley H. Duke and Cynthia A. Henson},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={108 1},
Pea chloroplastic [alpha]-glucosidase (EC involved in transitory starch degradation was purified to apparent homogeneity by ion exchange, reactive dye, hydroxylapatite, hydrophobic interaction, and gel filtration column chromatography. The native molecular mass and the subunit molecular mass were about 49.1 and 24.4 kD, respectively, suggesting that the enzyme is a homodimer. The enzyme had a Km of 7.18 mM for maltose. The enzyme's maximal activity at pH 7.0 and stability at pH 6.5… CONTINUE READING


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