The Role of Nonprofit Enterprise

  title={The Role of Nonprofit Enterprise},
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Regulatory reform: distinguishing between mutual-benefit and public-benefit entities
The purpose of this paper is to analyse nonprofit regulation through comparing and contrasting mutual-benefit and public-benefit entities. It ascertains how these entities differ in size, publicness,Expand
The Perceived Differences: The Sector Stereotype of Social Service Providers
What difference does “nonprofitness” make is a fundamental question for nonprofit research. Although being held as the basic assumption of the contract failure theory, the sector difference perceivedExpand
Topographie und Programmatiken der deutschen Stiftungslandschaft im Sport
In der Praxis ist bisher nicht schliesend untersucht, wie gros die gesellschaftspolitischen Gemeinwohleffekte und Beitrage zur Sportforderung durch die Sportstiftungen in Deutschland sind. In einerExpand
Commercialism and Pay in the Nonprofit Sector
COMMERCIALISM AND PAY IN THE NONPROFIT SECTOR BY SHICUN (TRACY) CUI December 2019 Committee Chair: Dr. Greg Lewis Major Department: Public Management and Policy Studies on the nonprofit payExpand
The Nexus of Public and Nonprofit Management
Abstract The fields of public administration and nonprofit management have experienced convergence over the past decades, particularly as academic programs, conferences, and journals in publicExpand
Competitive equilibrium and informational asymmetry in the private higher education market
ABSTRACT We develop two formal competitive models of the private higher education market focusing on quality and tuition where informational asymmetry is present: one consisting of for-profitExpand
Optimal Reimbursement Policy in Health Care: Competition, Ownership Structure and Quality Provision
Abstract We analytically characterize the effects of ownership and competition in the healthcare industry on quality provision, market coverage and optimal reimbursement policy. A for-profit monopolyExpand
Nonprofit Hospital Community Benefit Requirements: An Exploration of National Health Policy Models
ed (e.g. randomly selecting one hospital as part of a joint filer of ten hospitals meant that the data representing all ten hospitals were abstracted). Such methodology consequently resulted inExpand


Salvors, Finders, Good Samaritans, and Other Rescuers: An Economic Study of Law and Altruism
This paper uses economic analysis to illuminate a variety of legal rules relating to rescue, a term we use broadly to describe any attempt to save a person or property from some peril. We firstExpand
A Theory of Negligence, 1
  • 1972
Exemption of Educational, Philanthropic and Religious Institutions from State Real Property Taxes, 64 Hav
  • L. REv
  • 1950
However, some states have been more liberal than others in granting exemptions