The Role of Logic and Insight in the Search for a Definition of Life

  title={The Role of Logic and Insight in the Search for a Definition of Life},
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In a recent paper Trifonov (1) has carried out a statistical analysis of the frequency of the vocabulary used in 123 existing definitions. The goal is to identify the most important words and to use these for phrasing a commonly acceptable definition of life. Trifonov arrives at the conclusion that “(self-)reproduction and evolution form the minimal set for a concise and inclusive definition: Life is selfreproduction with variations”. Also a more lengthy definition is presented: “Life is… 
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The path to life’s origins. Remaining hurdles
The audacious walk toward the life origin already involves many laboratories, each exploring its own scenario, and the one suggested in this outline seems to the authors well justified to engage in, while bypassing few steps to deal with later.


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