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The Role of Histaminergic System in Learning and Memory Functions

  title={The Role of Histaminergic System in Learning and Memory Functions},
  author={Turhan Dost and Zeki Firat and Melek Tamer and Ahmet Ulugol and Çetin Hakan Karadağ},
  journal={Balkan Medical Journal},
Objectives: We investigated the role of central histaminergic system on learning and memory functions in mice and rats. Study Design: Learning and memory functions were investigated using elevated plus-maze test in mice and radialarm maze test in rats. The mice were placed in the maze for 60 seconds on the first day to allow them to learn the maze. Twenty-four hours later, they were put in the maze again to record the time spent to enter one of the closed arms. The effects of pyrilamine… 


Effect of histamine on memory retrieval in old rats.
It is concluded that Hi takes an active part in facilitating memory recall via H1-receptor in old rats through its involvement in Hi-induced facilitation of memory retrieval.
Intracerebroventricular histamine, but not 48/80, causes posttraining memory facilitation in the rat.
The present findings indicate that the memory facilitatory action of histamine might be general across tasks, and that 48/80-releasable, presumably mast cell, endogenous histamine is probably not involved in memory regulation.
Memory Improvement by Post-trial Injection of Lidocaine into the Tuberomammillary Nucleus, the Source of Neuronal Histamine
The failure of the delayed post-trial injection of lidocaine to significantly influence step-through latencies indicates that the compound influenced learning by modulating memory storage processes rather than by acting on performance variables during retrieval of the task.
Effects of intracerebroventricular injection of histamine on memory deficits induced by hippocampal lesions in rats.
A close relationship was found between decrease in response latency of avoidance response and an increase in histamine content of the hippocampus and hypothalamus after histamine injection, and an improvement of memory deficits induced by hippocampal lesions in rats.