The Role of Feminist Aesthetics in Feminist Theory

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  • H. Hein
  • Published 1990
  • Art
  • The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
The Exertion of a Choice: An Ecofeminist Vision ~ Aesthetic, Embodied, and Connected Learning
s aspects of the life of feeling which have no names, which have to be presented to sense and intuition rather than to a word-bound, note-taking consciousness. (p. 94-95) When curricula in any
Exploring Female Identity in and Through Art in Pakistan: Experiencing De-Colonial Feminism
This study looks into the identity of brown female artists living in the post-colonial society of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan today. It examines the role, status, and ideals of a handful of
The Brand and Sensation Relation as a Spatial Tracking in Shopping Malls
Purpose When talking about spatial sensation, it is assumed that spatial sensation does not only occur with the sense of sight, but on the contrary, remembering with the sense of scent occurs more
Knitting, Weaving, Embroidery, and Quilting as Subversive Aesthetic Strategies: On Feminist Interventions in Art, Fashion, and Philosophy
In the paper I pose the question of how, on artistic, aesthetic, and philosophical levels, decoration and domestic handicrafts as subversive strategies enable the undermining and breakdown of
Feminist Philosophy of Film
  • Zoë Cunliffe
  • Art
    The Palgrave Handbook of the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures
  • 2019
This chapter aims to survey and evaluate various approaches to feminist philosophy of film and to offer suggestions of new topics and directions for research. The focus is on feminist philosophy of
Female Genius: Some Aspects In The Context Of Philosophical Discourse
The paper is devoted to philosophical problems of female creativity, which acquire a status of a promising field of research in the modern world. Their relevance is conditioned by historically
The State of Arts Education: Reflections on Values, Learners, and Content
CRUM, JOHN D., M.A., May 2018, Art History The State of Arts Education: Reflections on Values, Learners, and Content Director of Thesis: Jennie Klein The 5th annual State of the Arts exhibition was
Black Women’s Satire as (Black) Postmodern Performance
Black American women have taken up satirical humor imbued with postmodern aesthetics that privilege emotion and experience in order to critique particular incidents of racism, sexism, and the lack of


The poet is in labor. She has been told that it will not hurt but it has hurt so much that pain and struggle seem, just now, the only reality. But at the very moment when she feels she will die, or
Sorties " in The Newly Born Woman , trans
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Bantam Books, 1970]) and various forms of androgyny (see Carolyn G
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A Feminist Taboo, eds
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Beacon Press, 1978)
  • In her view the essential woman is in transformative process, coming to be- "sparking" and "spinning" and en-spiriting herself. Susan Griffin in Woman and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her
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