The Role of Fantasy in a Serial Sexual Offender: A Brief Review of the Literature and a Case Report

  title={The Role of Fantasy in a Serial Sexual Offender: A Brief Review of the Literature and a Case Report},
  author={Felice Carabellese and Roberto Maniglio and Oronzo Greco and Roberto Catanesi},
  journal={Journal of Forensic Sciences},
Abstract:  Extensive research has attempted to elucidate the role of fantasy in sexual offending. In this paper, the authors summarize the main results of the literature, especially the contents, themes, dynamics, etiopathogenesis, and potential functions of fantasy in sexual offending. Further, the authors analyze the case of a serial sexual offender who assaulted 39 women. The forensic‐psychiatric assessment revealed that his fantasies of forced sex, sexual coercion, and dominance, which were… 

The psychological characteristics of sexual murderers

This thesis explores the offence of sexual homicide in psychiatric and non-psychiatric forensic populations using a variety of methods. Overall, this thesis reports a number of findings that are

Theories of deviant sexual fantasy

Deviant sexual fantasies have long been regarded as an important factor in sexual offending, with research showing that they serve multiple functions (e.g., inducing arousal, planning behavior) and

The Role of Parent–Child Bonding, Attachment, and Interpersonal Problems in the Development of Deviant Sexual Fantasies in Sexual Offenders

Investigating three areas of the literature on sexual offenders finds indirect evidence that an insecure attachment style developed in response to dysfunctional parenting practices may generate feelings of inadequacy and inferiority to others and a lack of the self-confidence and social skills to initiate or maintain consensual intimate relationships with appropriate others.

Stalking by females

A variety of different tactics adopted by female stalkers and a lesser propensity to pass on to physical violence are outlined and a significant proportion of female stalking is carried out in the occupational setting, especially in the field of psychotherapy, where the male–female ratio is reversed.

Comprehensive Understanding of the Double-sidedness of Sexual Fantasy: focused on disability, crime and treatment

Comprehensive Understanding of the Double-sidedness of Sexual Fantasy: focused on disability, crime and treatment. This study was to understand the double-sidedness of sexual fantasy. First,

Women Victims of Violent Partners: The Italian Situation Amid Culture and Psychopathology

In 2006, the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) conducted a survey over the entire national territory of women victims of sexual, physical, and psychologic violence, showing that the phenomenon of violence against women is most commonly perpetrated by the partner or ex‐partner.



The Function of Sexual Fantasies for Sexual Offenders: A Preliminary Model

Abstract Although the content of sexual fantasy has been extensively researched, very little contemporary research has investigated the function of sexual fantasy within the context of offending. In

What is the role of fantasy in sex offending?

  • D. Howitt
  • Law, Psychology
    Criminal behaviour and mental health : CBMH
  • 2004
It is argued that the study of sexual fantasy in non-contact sex offenders may have theoretical and practical benefits for research and practice with sex offenders in general.

The Content of Sexual Fantasies for Sexual Offenders

Using Grounded Theory, a model was developed to elucidate the content and themes of sexual fantasy for sexual offenders, as well as the way fantasy content was used in the process of sexual offending.

Deviant sexual thoughts: Mental control and the treatment of sexual offenders

The clinical literature has long illustrated the paradoxical findings that deliberate attempts to suppress particular thoughts actually increase their occurrence. These unwanted, often intrusive,

Personality and deviant sexual fantasies: an examination of the MMPIs of sex offenders.

Results suggest that deviant fantasizer may be more socially alienated and less emotionally stable than nondeviant fantasizers, although few were diagnosed as psychotic.

The presumptive role of fantasy in serial sexual homicide.

The authors examined the role of fantasy as an internal drive mechanism for repetitive acts of sexual violence in serial sexual murderers to find an intrusive fantasy life manifested in higher prevalences of paraphilias, documented or self-reported violent fantasies, and organized crime scenes in the serial murderers.

The Developmental Antecedents of Sexual Coercion against Women: Testing Alternative Hypotheses with Structural Equation Modeling

Results indicate the superiority of the three‐path model and suggest that it constitutes a solid, empirically disconfirmable heuristic for the etiology of sexual coercion against women.

Sexual fantasy.

This article reviews the research literature on sexual fantasy and investigates gender similarities and differences in the incidence, frequency, and content of sexual fantasies and how they relate to sociocultural and sociobiological theories of sexual behavior.

Assessment of the Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire Among Child Molesters and Nonsexual Forensic Offenders

Comparisons included the four underlying factors, 2 factors associated with the fantasizer's role in the fantasy (active vs. passive), and 2 items most closely related to sexual molestation behavior.