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The Role of Employee Engagement in Revitalizing Creativity and Innovation at the Workplace: A Survey of Selected Libraries in Meru County - Kenya

  title={The Role of Employee Engagement in Revitalizing Creativity and Innovation at the Workplace: A Survey of Selected Libraries in Meru County - Kenya},
  author={Paul Maku Gichohi},
  journal={Library Philosophy and Practice},
  • P. Gichohi
  • Published 1 September 2014
  • Business
  • Library Philosophy and Practice
Introduction The swiftly changing paradigms in information seeking behavior, escalating competition among information providers, changes in information packaging and modes of access, the far-reaching impacts of technology have all necessitated a greater need for continuous creativity and innovation in all library operations. This study was triggered by consideration of how libraries are expected to thrive in the aforementioned impetuous environment. Libraries are increasingly challenged to… 

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