The Role of Education and Intellectual Activity on Cognition

  title={The Role of Education and Intellectual Activity on Cognition},
  author={Jeanine M. Parisi and George W. Rebok and Qian-Li Xue and Linda P. Fried and Teresa Seeman and Elizabeth K. Tanner and Tara L. Gruenewald and Kevin D. Frick and Michelle C. Carlson},
  booktitle={Journal of aging research},
Although educational attainment has been consistently related to cognition in adulthood, the mechanisms are still unclear. Early education, and other social learning experiences, may provide the skills, knowledge, and interest to pursue intellectual challenges across the life course. Therefore, cognition in adulthood might reflect continued engagement with cognitively complex environments. Using baseline data from the Baltimore Experience Corps Trial, multiple mediation models were applied to… CONTINUE READING