The Role of Auditory‐Visual Integration in Object Recognition

  title={The Role of Auditory‐Visual Integration in Object Recognition},
  author={Clara Suied and Nicolas Bonneel and Isabelle Viaud-Delmon},
  journal={Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
Combining auditory and visual information about the same external event enhances perception and behavioural performance. Numerous factors have been shown to contribute to the integration of visual and auditory stimuli, like spatial or semantic relationships between the two stimuli. We studied the influence of spatial disparity between the auditory and the visual stimuli on bimodal object recognition in a go/no‐go task, under realistic virtual environment. Participants were asked to react as… 
Utilizing Virtual Reality for Simulating the Auditory Perception In Architectural Designed Spaces
This paper demonstrates an approach for simulating the auditory perception in architectural spaces based on auralization, utilizing an immersive virtual computer-generated environment, and provides the ability to present computer generated spaces, synthesize auditory events and have users experiencing the architectural design impact.
Sinkronisasi Sensasi Pendengaran dan Visual di dalam Dunia Simulasi Komputer
Current application of virtual environment synthesized by computer simulation still focuses on generating visual cues, while auditory cues has not yet been optimized to create individual movements
Optimal Transport for Computer Graphics and Temporal Coherence of Image Processing Algorithms. (Transport Optimal pour l'Informatique Graphique et Cohérence Temporelle des Algorithmes de Traitement d'Images)
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