The Role of Atypical Antipsychotics in Sexuality: Road to Recovery in Schizophrenia.

  title={The Role of Atypical Antipsychotics in Sexuality: Road to Recovery in Schizophrenia.},
  author={Raja Lope Adam and Hatta Sidi and Marhani Midin and Hazli Zakaria and Srijit Das and Khairi Che Mat},
  journal={Current drug targets},
  volume={19 12},
Sexuality is an important dimension in human beings as a form of expression of individuality. For many decades, sexual functioning has been a neglected area among patients suffering from schizophrenia. It was a presumption that patients with schizophrenia could be asexual and this could be secondary to overwhelming situations of delusion, hallucination, hostility and negative symptoms among others. The deficient in sexual functioning are due to innate factors, i.e. negative symptoms (apathy… 

The impact of severe mental disorders and psychotropic medications on sexual health and its implications for clinical management

The influence of psychosis and antipsychotic medications, of depression and antidepressant drugs, and of bipolar disorder and mood stabilizers on sexual health, and the optimal management of patients with severe psychiatric illness and sexual dysfunction are described.

Pharmacological strategies for sexual recovery in men undergoing antipsychotic treatment

The literature on pharmacologic approaches for management strategies in men who are administered with antipsychotics and developed SD is reviewed and aripiprazole 5–20 mg/day adjunctive therapy has proven to be most effective in normalizing prolactin levels and consequently treating antipsychotic-induced SD.

A Cross-Sectional Survey of Employment Status in Patients with Schizophrenia and its Association with Caregivers’ Burden and Quality of Life

Caregivers of employed patients had better QOL in the mental health aspect with significantly better mental component scores for SF-36 compared to the unemployed group (mean scores: 51.83 vs. 47.99, p<0.001).

Olanzapine-Induced Tardive Blepharospasm: A Case Report

Tardiveblepharospasm can be overcome by stopping the ending drug early and switching to a serotonin-dopamine receptor antagonist, and completion of the symptoms of tardivedyskinesia can be achieved by stop the end-of-drug treatment early and switch to an antagonist.

Effects of Three Atypical Antipsychotics on Blood Lipid, Liver Function and Cognitive Function in Children and Adolescents with Schizophrenia*

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  • 2021
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