The Role of Ammonites in the Mesozoic Marine Food Web Revealed by Jaw Preservation

  title={The Role of Ammonites in the Mesozoic Marine Food Web Revealed by Jaw Preservation},
  author={I. Kruta and N. Landman and Isabelle Rouget and F. Cecca and P. Tafforeau},
  pages={70 - 72}
Analysis of x-ray microtomographic reconstructions of ammonite fossils reveal their feeding habits. Ammonites are prominent in macroevolutionary studies because of their abundance and diversity in the fossil record, but their paleobiology and position in the marine food web are not well understood due to the lack of preserved soft tissue. We present three-dimensional reconstructions of the buccal apparatus in the Mesozoic ammonite Baculites with the use of synchrotron x-ray microtomography… Expand
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