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The Role Of Information Technology In E-Commerce

  title={The Role Of Information Technology In E-Commerce},
  author={Winwin Yadiati and Meiryani},
  journal={International Journal of Scientific \& Technology Research},
  • Winwin YadiatiMeiryani
  • Published 25 January 2019
  • Business, Economics, Computer Science
  • International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
Information technology has the power to develop the industry and transform how business is run. Internet in business is used for information exchange, media promotion, electronic mail, mailing lists, dialogue, discussions, consulting with consumers online. There are two electronic commerce applications, namely: business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce. Information technology has the power to develop the industry and transform how business is run. The main obstacle in the use of… 


  • Sabīne AndrejevaS. Ežmale
  • Business
    HUMAN. ENVIRONMENT. TECHNOLOGIES. Proceedings of the Students International Scientific and Practical Conference
  • 2021
Social entrepreneurship promotes not only business development but also solves social problems. In order to promote the development of social enterprises, organization needs to use information

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