The Rohingya people of Myanmar: health, human rights, and identity

  title={The Rohingya people of Myanmar: health, human rights, and identity},
  author={Syed S Mahmood and Emily B Wroe and Arlan F. Fuller and Jennifer Leaning},
  journal={The Lancet},

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The Rohingya in Cox’s Bazar

A rapid needs assessment of recently arrived Rohingya and host community households found high levels of mortality among young Rohingya men, alarmingly low levels of vaccination among children, poor literacy, and rising poverty.

The Rohingya in Cox's Bazar: When the Stateless Seek Refuge.

The Rohingya people of Myanmar have been subject to human rights violations through government-sponsored discrimination and violence. Since August 2017, an intensified assault by Myanmar authorities

Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Cox's Bazar

About one million Rohingya Muslim minority people fled from their home on 25 August 2017 due to the recent violence in the Rakhine State of Myanmar and entered Bangladesh, a neighboring country. Many

Mortality in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh: historical, social, and political context

Attempts to improve maternal mortality among Rohingya women and girls in the refugee camps in Bangladesh should take into account these complex historical, social and political factors in order to reduce maternal mortality.


Rohingya is the name of a persecuted and oppressed nation of the world.  Ethnic genocide against the Rohingya is not a new issue, the planned attack by the Burmese army on the Rohingya dates back to

A Record Review on the Health Status of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

To understand the current health status of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, a systematic literature search was conducted using transparent selection criteria and the keywords "Rohingya", "Health", Bangladesh and 12 articles and 21 organizational reports were found eligible for final review.

Medical and health risks associated with communicable diseases of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh 2017.

Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh: Exploitations and Challenges for Host Community

Bangladesh has been facing a new crisis to provide shelter to the Rohingyas who were forcibly repatriated from Myanmar. Though Rohingyas taking shelter in Bangladesh started in 1978, the last massive

Rohingya refugees as victims of one-sided violence : Surviving camp life, envisaging the future

This study is about Rohingya refugees and camp life, in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. In terms of theory the starting point is the impact of one-sided violence on livelihoods of displaced people. It



Gender-based Violence among Documented Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority group from the northern part of Rakhine State (formerly Arakan) in Myanmar, is among the most vulnerable of the world’s refugee communities. This study aims to shed

The Development of a Muslim Enclave in Arakan (Rakhine) State of Burma (Myanmar) 1

Who are the Rohingyas? Burma gained independence from Great Britain in 1948 and this issue is a problem that Burma has had to grapple with since that time. The people who call themselves Rohingyas

Surveillance of the Health and Nutritional Status of Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

The nutritional and health status of children was dramatically poor in all camps surveyed and a deterioration was expected in the coming monsoon, so it was possible to undertake appropriate action and to avert threatening calamities.

Clinical illnesses and causes of death in a Burmese refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Primary causes of death were clinical diarrhoea, fever, fever and poor nutrition, and proper sanitation perhaps could have reduced the number of deaths considerably.

Nutritional Status of Rohingya Children in Kuala Lumpur

There were significant correlations between frequency of immunization received and nutritional status with socio-demographic, dietary diversity and health variables, and children with less common childhood illnesses and variety of foods in the diets had better linear growth.

Evacuated Populations — Lessons from Foreign Refugee Crises

The terms “malfeasance” and “negligence” have been bandied about by many who are frustrated by the official response to Hurricane Katrina, but without any experience with crises of similar severity, such officials did not know what those right steps might be.

The Rohingya crisis

The mass exodus of some 600,000 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar to Bangladesh, triggered by the Myanmar government's repressive policies, has produced a severe humanitarian crisis and geopolitical

UN implores South East Asian nations to help starving migrants stranded at sea

The secretary general of the United Nations sounded the alarm on 17 May about a deepening humanitarian crisis, as thousands of migrants fleeing persecution or poverty in Myanmar and Bangladesh remained stranded in the Indian Ocean and Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand refused to allow them to land.

Incidence and Determinants of Acute Diarrhoea in Malaysia: A Population-based Study

The findings revealed that acute diarrhoea is still a major public- health concern in Malaysia and grossly under-notified and there is a need for intensification of public-health intervention efforts to reduce the incidence while improving surveillance and notification of the disease.