The Rogaland Anorthosites: Facts and Speculations

  title={The Rogaland Anorthosites: Facts and Speculations},
  author={J. Duchesne and Robert Maquil and D. Demaiffe},
The massif-type anorthosites of the province were emplaced as crystal mushes of plagioclase, lubricated by noritic liquids cyrstallizing along a P-T gradient, and containing aggregates of plagioclase and/or Al-rich orthopyroxene megacrysts, formed in a magma chamber at the base of a thickened crust. Synemplacement deformations were produced in the envelope and within the plutons, where they started in the magmatic stage and ended in the solid stage. The anorthositic suite can be accounted for… Expand
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Chapter 6 Proterozoic Anorthosite Complexes
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Crustal evolution and the temporality of anorthosites
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Rediscovery of the Mattawa Anorthosite Massif, Grenville Province, Quebec
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