The Rocky Mountain Climbing Challenge: report from CHI '95


On Thursday morning, May 11, somewhere near Denver, Colorado, "ath-letes" from three local SIG-CHI chapters gathered for the 4th annual Local SIGs Challenge. This year's event was the Rocky Mountain Climbing Challenge. Some of the competitors were veterans of the Pacific Ocean Stand-off(CHI '92 in Monterey), the 7~g of lghr Accross a Canal (INTERCHI '93 in Amsterdam), and the Swan Boats Across the Charles River Challenge (CHI '94 in Boston). Marilyn Man-tel is credited with the inspiration for the annual challenge. Borysa Struck masterminded this year's event. The Rocky Mountain Climbing Challenge (RMCC) required competitors to don climbing gear and begin an assault of a steep, troll-infested mountainside before breakfast (see Figure 1). ~adl teams used a similar algorithm for executing the challenge (see Figure 2). Many volunteers turned out to help make the RMCC a success (see Table 1). The Official Judge was the honorable Kate Ehrlich. Prizes were awarded in six categories: climbing style, climbing speed, troll avoidance, T-shirt quali~ cleanliness, and (the most coveted award) other. The results are shown in Table 3. The athletes had plenty to say about the experience of the Rocky Mountain Climbing Challenge: "My goal was to score more points." "It was the most juvenile thing I ever participated in." "We need a support group for trolls." "BAY-CHI should stick to bake-offs." "We took it one hill at a time." "We're going to Dis-neyland." "<Gasp! Gasp!> It was brutal!" "I'm not clear on the metaphor involved here." Said Carlos Maltzahn, the Neutral Troll, "I got suckered into it. It was great." Members of all local SIGCHI chapters are invited to compete in next year's Vancou-ver Valley Vaulting Challenge at CHI '96. Finish • PT PT Start The virtual mountain was the staircase from the ballroom level to the meeting room level of the Colorado Convention Center. Banisters divided the staircase into thirds. The middle third was the face of the mountain that the competitors had to climb.

DOI: 10.1145/214132.214140

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