The Road to Middle-earth, Revised and Expanded Edition (review)

  title={The Road to Middle-earth, Revised and Expanded Edition (review)},
  author={Gergely Nagy},
  journal={Tolkien Studies},
  pages={258 - 261}
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Tolkien’s Tom Bombadil: An Enigma “(Intentionally)”
Tolkien’s Tom Bombadil is a notoriously mysterious character, standing somewhat apart from the central narrative, who has elicited debate and speculation among Tolkien’s readers ever since The Lord
Fearless Joy: Tom Bombadil’s Function in The Lord of the Rings
In The Lord of the Rings, Tom Bombadil is usually viewed as either a silly and unimportant interruption or as a character with only a very minor function, but certainly not as a character of
Fantasies of space and time
  • Dimitra Fimi
  • Sociology
    Intelligence, Creativity and Fantasy
  • 2019
How does fantasy engage with concepts of space and time, both understood in collective terms (e.g. the national/cultural/universal past and landscape) or as personal concerns (e.g. death and finite
Darkseid's Ring: Images of Anti-Life in Kirby and Tolkien
Author(s): Huber, Charles | Abstract: What is the nature of ultimate evil? Answers will vary, but it is logical to say that they will depend on what one considers to be the core of humanity: that
“The road from adaptation to invention”: How Tolkien Came to the Brink of Middle-earth in 1914
T are the first words of the poem long seen as the first glimpse of the authentic Tolkien, creator of Middle-earth—written 100 years ago.1 As has been accepted since Humphrey Carpenter said so, they
Smeagol and Deagol: Secrecy History, and Ethical Subjectivity in Tolkien's World
In 1911, under a rising fear of war and a growing espionage hysteria caused by the movement of a German gunboat off the coast of Morocco, the British Government hurriedly passed a sweeping revision
Untold Tales: Solving a Literary Dilemma
one that moves me supremely and I find small difficulty in evoking: the heart-racking sense of the vanished past (best expressed by Gandalf’s words about the Palantir); and the other the more
Law and Arda
The Myths of the Author: Tolkien and the Medieval Origins of the Word Hobbit
Tolkien's Myth of the Hobbit AS SHE TOLD THE STORY DURING A BBC INTERVIEW in 1965, it was in the summer of 1930 (1) that J.R.R. Tolkien, who had recently been named Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor