The Rising Role of TRPA 1 in Asthma

  title={The Rising Role of TRPA 1 in Asthma},
  author={Fabrizio Facchinetti and Riccardo Patacchini},
Asthma is an inflammatory condition of the airways triggered by exposure to allergens and/or irritants. TRPA1 is an irritant-sensing cation channel expressed in TRPV1-positive, capsaicin-sensitive chemosensory neurons that innervate various organs, including the airways. Various exogenous noxious chemicals have been described to activate TRPA1, including agents recognized to trigger and/or worsen asthma such as diisocyantes, cigarette smoke, acrolein, chlorine. During oxidative stress, a… CONTINUE READING

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Moreover , two recent studies have provided strong pharmacological evidence that inhalation of TRPA1 activators , like acrolein or cinnamaldehyde , elicits cough reflexes in guinea - pigs and human volunteers .
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