The Risetime of Nearby Type Ia Supernovae

  title={The Risetime of Nearby Type Ia Supernovae},
  author={Adam G. Riess and Alexei V. Filippenko and Weidong Li and Richard R. Treffers and Brian P Schmidt and Yulei Qiu and Jingyao Hu and Mark Armstrong and Chuck Faranda and Eric Thouvenot},
We present calibrated photometric measurements of the earliest detections of nearby type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia). The set of ∼30 new, unfiltered CCD observations delineate the early rise behavior of SNe Ia > 18 to 10 days before maximum. Using simple empirical models, we demonstrate the strong correlation between the risetime (i.e., the time between explosion and maximum), the post-rise light-curve shape, and the peak luminosity. Using a variety of light-curve shape methods, we find the risetime… CONTINUE READING
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