The Rise of the Community in Rural China: Village Politics, Cultural Identity and Religious Revival in a Hui Hamlet

  title={The Rise of the Community in Rural China: Village Politics, Cultural Identity and Religious Revival in a Hui Hamlet},
  author={Ben Hillman},
  journal={The China Journal},
  pages={53 - 73}
  • Ben Hillman
  • Published 1 January 2004
  • Political Science
  • The China Journal
The rise of "localism" has been a defining feature of the post-socialist state. Whether from regime collapse or through the introduction of reforms, as the tentacles of the post-socialist states retreated from intimate involvement in daily socio-economic life, the way has been opened for new groups at the local level to assert ownership and control of material resources and social capital. In some parts of the former USSR, the rise of the local led to violent upheavals. While China was mostly… 
Using Religion to Resist Rural Dispossession: A Case Study of a Hui Muslim Community in North-west China
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Chinese Protestant Christianity has been continually growing over the past three decades, with an estimated one million converts per year. A number of studies have sought to explain this phenomenon.
Public Service Outputs, Social Integration, and Households' Support for Relocation Compensations: Evidence from a Hui Ethnic Community in Western China
Active enforcement of city renewal policies in local China today has constituted a source of social unrests, due to their adverse potentials on present and future lives of the uprooted households.