The Rise of Web Service Ecosystems

  title={The Rise of Web Service Ecosystems},
  author={Alistair P. Barros and Marlon Dumas},
  journal={IT Professional},
The convergence of Internet marketplaces and service-oriented architectures has spurred the growth of Web service ecosystems. This paper articulates a vision for Web service ecosystems, discusses early manifestations of this vision, and presents a unifying architecture to support the emergence of larger and more sophisticated ecosystems 
Describing Services for Service Ecosystems
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Service value properties for service ecosystems: a reference model and a modeling guideline
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Ubiquitous Services and Business Processes
  • A. Barros
  • Computer Science
  • Handbook of Research on Ubiquitous Computing Technology for Real Time Enterprises
  • 2008
A new revolution of service-orientation is emerging in SoA as commercial-scale SOAs shift from early adoption to mainstream development and interoperate with other services and be composed into longrunning business processes spanning intraand inter-organizational boundaries. Expand
A Framework for Analysing Service Ecosystem Capabilities to Innovate
A conceptual framework of actors and their roles in an open innovation system for a networked ecosystem of Web-services to illustrate how open innovation can be implemented in a Web-service ecosystem to increase innovation performance. Expand