The Rise of Southern Ethnicity

  title={The Rise of Southern Ethnicity},
  author={David Moltke-Hansen},
  journal={Historically Speaking},
  pages={36 - 38}
Southerners have developed several myths to account for the origins of their common identity. Three particularly salient myths have generated much scholarly attention. One is about the region's leading social classes and ideals. A second is about the shared antecedents, beliefs, and behaviors of southern white common folk. A third is about the special fusion ofAfrican and European influences that has distinguished the Souths food, music, religious expressions, and speech. The Cavalier myth and… 
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The Vine That Ate The North? Northern Reactions to Kudzu, 1876-2009
It is argued that calling kudzu a southern invader reflected anxieties around southernization of the country and worked as a potent symbol for what northerners saw as unwanted southern influences.