The Rise and Fall of a National Strategy, 1945-1963

  title={The Rise and Fall of a National Strategy, 1945-1963},
  author={Alan S. Milward},
Part 1 National strategy. Part 2 Western Europe and the United Kingdom's future, 1945-50. Part 3 The United Kingdom and the Schuman Plan, 1950: first reactions to Schuman's proposal the rejection of the Schuman proposal should participation in the Schuman plan have been rejected?. Part 4 The European defence community and the European political community, 1950-54: proposals for a European defence community reaction to the ECD proposals defining a policy towards the federation debate and… 
  • G. Peden
  • History, Economics
    The Historical Journal
  • 2012
ABSTRACT The Suez crisis is widely believed to have contributed significantly to Britain's decline as a world power. Eden's miscalculation of American reaction to the attack on Egypt was damaging to
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