The RightPages image-based electronic library for alerting and browsing


The RightPages electronic library prototype system, which gives users full online library services, is described. The prototype takes advantage of fast hardware, multimedia workstations, and broadband networks to process scientific and technical journals for users and to offer a service that: alerts them to the arrival of new journal articles matching their interest profiles; lets them immediately examine images of pages in the alerted articles and browse through other articles in the database; and enables them to order paper copies of any articles in the database. The system runs on a local area network that connects one or more scanning stations, a centralized document database server and multiple user stations running X Windows servers. The RightPages interface runs as an X Windows application on Sun workstations or X terminals. The system's image and document processing, including noise reduction, document layout analysis, text processing, and display processing are discussed.<<ETX>>

DOI: 10.1109/2.156379


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