The Right of Women.

  title={The Right of Women.},
  author={Herbert Spencer and Michael Taylor},

Women Rights to Inheritance in Muslim Family Law: An Analytical Study

Rights of women are one of the widely discussed yet debatable issues across the Western and Muslim world. It is seen in the Muslim societies that many women are deprived in terms of inheriting

Socio-economic determinants of women’s livelihood time use in rural Bangladesh

Achieving gender well-being and equality is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. A close examination of female livelihood time allocation can reveal gender inequality in

Islamic Justice in Indonesia Polygamy Regulation on Asghar Ali Engineer’s Perspective

Indonesia has formulated the regulation of polygamy. Those regulations did not provide a contextual justice, especially towards women, at least if it viewed from some perspective. This research tries

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To Emerge? Breadwinning, Motherhood, and Women’s Decisions to Run for Office

Women’s underrepresentation in American politics is often attributed to relatively low levels of political ambition. Yet scholarship still grapples with a major leak in the pipeline to power: that