The Right Path: A Post-Mongol Persian Ismaili Treatise

  title={The Right Path: A Post-Mongol Persian Ismaili Treatise},
  author={Shafique N. Virani},
  journal={Iranian Studies},
  pages={197 - 221}
The Epistle of the Right Path (Risāla-yi irā al-Mustaqīm) is an anonymous treatise, possibly dating to the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century. It may be the earliest Persian Ismaili prose work of the post-Mongol period to come to light, and is here introduced, discussed, edited and translated. A clearly articulated, philosophically inclined treatment of numerous themes in Ismaili thought, the text draws frequently from Nasir al-Din Tusi's spiritual autobiography, The Voyage (Sayr wa-Sul… 
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