Corpus ID: 123734375

The Rhyme System of Yinsheng(阴声) in Miao-Yao(苗瑶)

  title={The Rhyme System of Yinsheng(阴声) in Miao-Yao(苗瑶)},
  author={Jin Li-xin},
  • Jin Li-xin
  • Published 2007
  • Psychology
  • Wang Fushi(王辅世)and Mao Zongwu(毛宗武)reconstruct 58 Yinsheng(阴声)in quantity,which is rather complex.Through the internal comparison among Miao-Yao(苗瑶),we take other languages,especially relative words in Chinese,as a reference.We suggest that,in fact,the rhyme system of Yinsheng(阴声)in Miao-Yao(苗瑶)can be divided into 6 categories,16 rhymes. 

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