The Rho GTPase signalling pathway in urothelial carcinoma


Urothelial carcinoma remains a clinical challenge: non-muscle-invasive disease has a high rate of recurrence and risk of progression, and outcomes for patients with advanced disease are poor, owing to a lack of effective systemic therapies. The Rho GTPase family of enzymes was first identified >30 years ago and contains >20 members, which are divided into… (More)
DOI: 10.1038/nrurol.2017.184

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@article{Woldu2018TheRG, title={The Rho GTPase signalling pathway in urothelial carcinoma}, author={Solomon L. Woldu and Ryan C. Hutchinson and Laura-Maria Krabbe and Oner M Sanli and Vitaly Margulis}, journal={Nature Reviews Urology}, year={2018}, volume={15}, pages={83-91} }