The Rhin-Viola method for log 2

  title={The Rhin-Viola method for log 2},
  author={Raffaele Marcovecchio},
  journal={Acta Arithmetica},
Square exponent of irrationality of ln2
A new proof of the theorem on the non-quadraticity measure ln 2 is given in the paper.
Approximation of values of the Gauss hypergeometric function by rational fractions
AbstractWe consider a new approach to estimating the irrationality measure of numbers that are values of the Gauss hypergeometric function. Some of the previous results are improved, in particular,Expand
On the irrationality exponent of the number ln 2
We propose another method of deriving the Marcovecchio estimate for the irrationality measure of the number ln 2 following, for the most part, the method of proof of the irrationality of the numberExpand
Hypergeometric rational approximations to ζ(4)
Abstract We give a new hypergeometric construction of rational approximations to ζ(4), which absorbs the earlier one from 2003 based on Bailey's 9F8 hypergeometric integrals. With the novelExpand
Automatic discovery of irrationality proofs and irrationality measures
We illustrate the power of Experimental Mathematics and Symbolic Computation to suggest irrationality proofs of natural constants, and the determination of their irrationality measures. SometimesExpand
On Irrationality Measure of arctan $$\frac{1}{3}$$13
We investigate the arithmetic properties of the value arctan $$\frac{1}{3}$$13. We elaborate special integral construction with the property of symmetry for evaluating irrationality measure of thisExpand
Hypergeometry inspired by irrationality questions
We report new hypergeometric constructions of rational approximations to Catalan's constant, $\log2$, and $\pi^2$, their connection with already known ones, and underlying `permutation group'Expand


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  • 2008
Diophantine approximations of log 2 and other logarithms
We describe a new approach to estimating μ(log 2), without improving Rukhadze’s result (1987). We find estimates for approximations to the number log 2 by numbers from the field ℚ(√2), to the numberExpand
The permutation group method for the dilogarithm
We give qualitative and quantitative improvements on all the best pre- viously known irrationality results for dilogarithms of positive rational numbers. We obtain such improvements by applying ourExpand
Approximation measures for logarithms of algebraic numbers
Given a number field K and a number ) lll we say that A > 0 is a K-irrationality measure of 03BE if, for any e > 0, > - ( 1 + e) p h(o) for all p E K with sufficiently large Weil logarithmic heightExpand
Irrationalité d’une infinité de valeurs de la fonction zêta aux entiers impairs
Au contraire des nombres ζ(2n)=∑k≥1 1/k2n= (−1)n−122n−1 B2nπ2n/(2n)! (n ≥ 1), dont la transcendance est une conséquence de celle de π, peu de résultats sont actuellement connus sur la natureExpand
Hypergeometric functions and irrationality measures
  • in: Analytic Number Theory (Kyoto,
  • 1996
On irrationality measures of the values of Gauss hypergeometric function
The paper gives irrationality measures for the values of some Gauss hypergeometric functions both in the archimedean andp-adic case. Further, an improvement of general results is obtained in the caseExpand