The Reuleaux Triangle and its Center of Mass

  title={The Reuleaux Triangle and its Center of Mass},
  author={Winfried Gleiftner and H. Zeitler},
  journal={Results in Mathematics},
Engineers asked some questions concerning an instrument to drill square holes. In this paper their questions are answered. 

Simulation and Application of Reuleaux Triangle In Geometric Measurement

The geometric measurement algorithm based on the reuleaux triangle is proposed, which is applied to the measurement and calculation of the design of the earth building design, and the effectiveness of the simulation algorithm is proved.

Schwarz boundary value problem on Reuleaux triangle

We discuss the Schwarz problem on Reuleaux triangle. By the technique of parqueting reflection principle, we translate the Schwarz problem into a Riemann boundary value problem on a system of arcs.

Dynamic Manipulation of Gear Ratio and Ride Height for a Novel Compliant Wheel using Pneumatic Actuators

Positional manipulation of the centre hub is proposed and tested to achieve these desired characteristics of ‘virtual’ wheels in a physical system, envision uses for this system to extend from off-road robotics to space exploration as these wheels exhibit novel characteristics not demonstrated by other platforms.

REIHE INFORMATIK TR-03-001 Beaconless Position-Based Routing for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

This paper proposes a mechanism to perform position-based forwarding without the help of beacons or the maintenance of neighbor tables called CBF, and proposes three suppression strategies which vary with respect to forwarding efficiency and suppression characteristics.

A novel forwarding paradigm for position-based routing (with implicit addressing)

In this work, a mechanism to perform position-based unicast forwarding without the help of beacons is described and the CBF schemes and standard greedy forwarding are compared by means of simulation with ns-2.

Communications dans les réseaux fortement dynamiques

Les reseaux de vehicules sont une technologie emergente integrant les dernieres techniques de communication. Sans infrastructure, le reseau est un reseau dit ad hoc, un protocole de routage doit donc

Position-Based Packet Forwarding for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Contention-Based Forwarding (or CBF), a greedy routing heuristic that is no longer in need of a beaconing service is proposed and demonstrated that CBF outperforms beacon and position-based routing by delivering packets with constant overhead, almost ignorant of mobility.

Contention-based forwarding for mobile ad hoc networks



Mathematica in action

This guide to the extraordinary capabilities of Mathematica in Action includes many detailed programs with line-by-line explanations, valuable shortcuts, and alternative methods to generate--three dimensional graphics, iterative graphics, and animations.

Modern Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces with Mathematica, Third Edition (Studies in Advanced Mathematics)

Modern Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces with Mathematica explains how to define and compute standard geometric functions, for example the curvature of curves, and presents a dialect ofMathematica for constructing new curves and surfaces from old.