The Resuscitation of Social Change

  title={The Resuscitation of Social Change},
  author={Bryce. Ryan},
  journal={Social Forces},
  • B. Ryan
  • Published 1 September 1965
  • Economics
  • Social Forces
Project Management Challenges
The primary purpose of this paper concentrates on to find and describe the challenges faced in the project management. A wide-ranging literature analysis on project management challenges molded a
Models of innovation: Why models of innovation are models, or what work is being done in calling them models?
It is suggested that the term ‘model’ has both a scientific and a rhetorical function and is a symbol of scientificity and travels easily between scholars and between the latter and policy-makers.
Current Debates in Action Research
Some of the academic debates pertaining to action research have been identified and specified in this paper. These have been traced through the history of development of alternative (action-oriented)
Vocabulary of agency: development and assessment of a generic conceptual framework to guide action-oriented research in multiple domains
A generic conceptual framework for action-oriented research to guide such research in multiple domains of application and contains the notions of agency, enhancing agency, resource, roles, mobility, form of interaction, agency-enhancing device, local learning, global learning, operational coupling, etc.
Attributional Confidence and Uncertainty in Initial Interaction
Attributional confidence, either in retroactive explanations of behavior or in proactive predictions of behavior, is discussed as a way of operationalizing uncertainty. Instruments for assessing
Correlates of risky decision-making.
A personality pattern which could be used for both the explication and prediction of risky behavior in a variety of decision-making situations was developed, and Variables contributing to this pattern characterized a dynamic task oriented individual.