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The Rest Mass of the Hydrogen Atom from First Principles

  title={The Rest Mass of the Hydrogen Atom from First Principles},
  author={Ernst Karl Kunst},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
The rest mass of the hydrogen atom in its ground state is calculated from first physical principles and elementary geometric considerations. 



On the Origin of Time

Herein it is shown that mass and time in the rest frame as well as relativistically enlarged mass and dilated time in the moving frame are of like origin. This implies that the former are generated

Is the kinematics of special relativity incomplete

A thorough analysis of composite inertial motion (relativistic sum) within the framework of special relativity leads to the conclusion that every translational motion must be the symmetrically

Do Gravitational Fields Have Mass? Or on the Nature of Dark Matter

As has been shown before (a brief comment will be given in the text), relativistic mass and relativistic time dilation of moving bodies are equivalent as well as time and mass in the rest frame. This


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