The Research of Technique on Fabricating Hydrogel Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering Based on Stereo-lithography

  title={The Research of Technique on Fabricating Hydrogel Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering Based on Stereo-lithography},
  author={Zhu Linzhong and L. Qin and Lu You and Bian Weiguo and L. Dichen and Jin Zhong-min},
  journal={2010 International Conference on Digital Manufacturing \& Automation},
Based on stereo-lithography, the polyacrylamide hydrogel scaffolds with controlled accurate internal structures were fabricated. The structure accuracy of the scaffolds was evaluated by the size measurement compared with the CAD model. The mechanical property evaluation showed that the hydrogel compressive modulus of elasticity reached 4.54MPa, which was similar to that of the articular cartilage, therefore meeting the basic requirements of cartilage tissue engineering. The technique based on… Expand
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